Artwork Terms & Meanings


All illustrated material, ornamentation, photo, logo, or chart that is prepared for graphic reproduction.


The elimination of parts of a photograph not required to be printed. Cropping allows the remaining parts of the image to be enlarged to fill the space.


A piece of information recognizable, manipulate-able and can be stored, on a computer.


The unit of measurement used to describe the resolution of printed output. The most common desktop laser printers output a 300 dpi. Medium-resolution printers output at 600 dpi. Our wide format printers can print to a resolution of 1440dpi.

Drop Shadow

A shadow image placed strategically behind an image to create the affect of the image lifting off the page.

EPS File

This is a sophisticated file format for capturing precise image and text, like PMS colour information. Because of the mathematical basis for building the format, .eps files are the most reliable method for communicating artwork. This is also one of our preferred files to receive and print from.

File Format

A file format defines how an application stores information in a digital file. When you name a file, an application automatically appends a filename extension, usually three characters in length; for example, .jpg, .psd, .pdf, .tif, and .eps. This filename extension helps you and the computer differentiate between different file types or file formats.


This is a process in creating the fonts to and outline in order to protect the font from changing. Fonts that have been used in a logo should be made into an outline. This prevents any errors happening with fonts conflicting or going missing resulting in type not coming out as expected. (always keep the original font file, just in case you may need to change the type face later).


(Pantone Matching System)

A standard universal colour-matching system used by printers and graphic designers for inks, papers, and other materials. A PMS colour is a standard colour defined by percentage mixtures of different primary inks.


This file format is designed to preserve fonts, images, graphics, and formatting of an original application file. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Exchange, a .pdf file can be viewed easily by anyone, and graphic designers can continue to change the file as needed.

Proof/Mock Up

In commercial art and printing a mock-up from the designer or the printer is produced to allow the client to review the final layout and make any necessary changes before the final piece is printed, produced or manufactured.


The amount of detail and information that an image file contains, as well as the level of detail that an input, output, or display device is capable of producing.

Vectored eps

This is one of the file formats we request your artwork to be presented in. This format ensures that your artwork is stable, PMS colours are defined, fonts are outlined, and nothing is left up to interpretation.