Artwork File Specification

We prefer files created using the following programs Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,
Photoshop & FlexiSign Pro.

Preferred Files
Files saved in EPS, AI, PDF, PSD, TIFF are preferred.

As PDF files are a closed format, changes for artwork, colour correction and low image
resolution can be difficult, when used for large format printing.
If you have to supply a PDF file, please ensure all text is converted to
outlines and all images are high resolution.
Certain branding, printing, and signage methods require vector files in order to do the job.

If you are unsure of what is required, contact us and we can
discussed the file requirements in more detail.

Where possible create the file at actual size.
If scaling is required, it should be at 10% of the artworks actual intended size.

To ensure accurate sizing, bleed must be added to the image area.

Standard minimum bleed for:
●   Unmounted Prints: no bleed required 
●   Prints mounted to substrates: 10mm
●   External prints on substrates: 10mm
●   Banners with Standard finishes 50mm
●   Wall Canvas 100mm

Wide format printing is printed from either our
8 colour Epson Printer, 6 colour + white Roland Printer 
or 4 colour Mimaki Printer.

Design your artwork with CMYK values.
For specific PMS colour, specify this in your artwork and order.

We have our colour matching service available to cater for your specific colour requirements.
To achieve rich black in your printed project, we recommend the CMYK value to be:

Cyan 80%, Magenta 60%, Yellow 40%, Key 100%

Supply printed colour proofs as a visual of what you are expecting with any
Pantone colours 
used indicated.
e will endeavour to match your colours correctly, however not all printing
process can match this exactly. 
We will advise this accordingly.

Please make sure all fonts in artwork are converted to outlines or curves to
ensure the 
correct designs are created.

Ensure you supply all linked image files with your layout application documents.
When placing 
images in Illustrator always choose to link to the original, rather than
embedding the images 
within the document (remember to give the image to us also).
Generally, the minimum required resolution for images is 300dpi at 100%.
This can be less depending on 
the intended viewing distance of the intended sign or print.
Generally, the quality of the print is 
dependant on the file you give us.

Computer Cut Vinyl
Artwork for computer cut vinyl must be supplied as vector art and preferably
supplied as an Illustrator 
EPS or PDF file.
Artwork charges apply if we need to create vector files in order to do the job.

Supplying Files

Storage Media
Files to be supplied on USB, CD, or DVD

Please only email files that are smaller than 5mb

Upload through our website 
Visit us at and follow the link to “Artwork Upload”

Use file sharing sites like:
Dropbox, Hightail, WeSendIt are also welcomed.