About Us

Established in 2005, Trixle Group is a full-service strategic branding business, supplying a range of business
branding needs to a diverse range of clients in a wide range of industries. We can assist with a range of products with
our services, from Signs and Wraps to Uniforms & Apparel, and Graphic Design.
We work as a team to develop your brand, from conception to service right through to manufacturing.
Your brand is unique; therefore the process to building your brand is also unique!

We are dedicated to your business to achieve maximum return with high quality products, professional service and
a will-do attitude. An innovative company, our aim is to reduce the hassles and clutter of dealing with
different businesses for your branding needs.

A flexible service is available for your needs, we understand that time management is
important and how you spend them.

We are a branding solutions company that offer an extensive range of service and 
products for your branding needs.

We are an efficient company who work with our customers in mind, we also have great relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure all aspects of our business operate smoothly for you.

We thrive on building the relationship we have with our existing customers and
also continue seek new partnerships.